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San Diego County Department of Public Works also has a Facebook page with road condition updates  

Other good weather Links  

National Weather Service
The Laguna Mountain NOAA weather page

Mt Laguna Weather Station Data Display

Images from the top of Mt Laguna

Weather Underground
Mt. Laguna Weather Page

Provided by SDSU Mt. Laguna Observatory

How's the Weather?
Because of our elevation, we have the full range of seasons & our weather can be unpredictable. Check our links to help you know if you should wear shorts & T-shirts, or to bundle up in sweaters, coats & mittens!

Mt. Laguna receives the most snowfall in all of San Diego County. Snow is never predictable and can happen anytime from November to the first week of June. During snowstorms, chains* may be required for your vehicle. There are large areas for sledding as well as cross country skiing. Even without snow, snuggling up around a fireplace can be great fun.

* Snow chains can be purchased from your local auto parts store.

Springtime brings out the animals and new growth from all vegetation. The ground is covered in a blanket of color and beauty. The air temperature is perfect for all outdoor activities. In June, escape the coastal fog and come up to where the skies are always blue and the air is crisp.

Summertime is generally the busiest time of the year. The smell of barbeques are in the air, the kids are busy doing activities with the Forest Service and there's dad asleep in the hammock. Summertime is also a time for everyone to cool off at 6000 feet where the weather is always mild.

Fall is a popular time because of the glorious colors the season brings. Green turns to yellow, orange, red and gold. For a painter, photographer or any nature lover, fall is truly magical.


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